On April 10, 2015

Ruth D Domancich

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A Certified Public Accountant and Auditor and Fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants. Ruth possesses a twelve-year experience with a Big Four accountancy firm and has specialized in servicing audit clients primarily within the financial services sector including retail and wholesale banks, insurance and reinsurance companies as well as clients engaged in the manufacturing, communications and international business. Ruth has also serviced clients in the Republic of Ireland and Iceland where she has held office for a total of twelve months. She has also worked on privatisation assignments and was being consulted during the planning, execution and completion of a number of review and audit engagements for clients with the objective of enhancing the quality of work. She has also developed and implemented accounting systems for a number of clients. Ruth has held various internal and external training courses and coaching sessions focussing primarily on audit and accountancy-related subjects. Ruth is the director and the regulatory and compliance officer and MLRO of Bosteco Overseas Specialised Services Limited.

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